The Wellcome Trust Delegation Visited Fudan University
POSTED BY: Fudan University Human Phenome 2019,07,31

On July 30th, 2019, the delegation from the Wellcome Trust visited Fudan University, and had a meeting with the delegation led by Dr. Li Jin, Vice President of Fudan University and Director of Human Phenome Institute (HuPI). 

Delegation from the Wellcome Trust: Dr. Jim Smith, Director of Wellcome science review, Dr. Edward Whiting, Director of Strategy, and Dr. Kathy Poole, Director of People.

Delegation led by Dr. Li Jin: Dr. Huiru Tang, Professor of Fudan University, Dr. Wei Hu, Professor of Fudan University, Dr. Weihai Yin, Professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Dr. Jiajia CHEN, Director Assistant of HuPI, Dr. Hongyang Xu, Vice Director of International Collaboration Office of Fudan University, and Ms. Shiwen Peng, Secretary for Foreign Affairs of HuPI.