POSTED BY: Fudan University Human Phenome Institute 2017,12,03

The Human Phenome Institute (HuPI) was founded in 2017 as one of the key pillars of the Zhangjiang-Fudan International Innovation Center. The HuPI leads the International Human Phenome Project (Phase 1) with support from the first Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Special Funds for Major Projects, aiming to collaborate with international partners to launch the big science projects and build major world hub for biology and medicine innovation.

The research fields of HuPI consist of: 1) constructing the technical and standard systems for human phenome technology; 2) designing and building human phenome database, researching and developing needed system analysis methods; 3) collecting human phenome data, building human phenome maps, and applying to specific studies; 4) developing and integrating key human phenome technologies; 5) investigating the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms underlying human phenome.

The HuPI currently has 21 PIs: 1 Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 10 awardees of national or provincial level distinguished scholars. Moreover, HuPI has 10 assistant professors and a professional executive and academic service team.

HuPI will strive tobe the driving force inthe paradigm transformation of life sciences and take the lead to the leapfrog development in biological science and human health!