The 2nd International Symposium of Human Phenomics Held in Shanghai International Human Phenome Consortium Established Officially
POSTED BY: Fudan University Human Phenome 2018,11,03

On October 31-November 3, 2018, the 2ndInternational Symposium of Human Phenomics was held in Shanghai. At the opening ceremony, the International Human Phenome Consortium and the Human Phenome Consortium of China were announced, which is a launchpad for the International Human Phenome Megascience Project that initiated by Chinese scientists, marking it has been recognized and participated by many scientists internationally.

Themed on Phenomics and Human Health, the symposium includes the following seven sessions: Human Phenome Project Initiative, Promoting Human Phenome Research, Phenomics and Human Health, Human Phenome Mapping, Phenomics and Precision Medicine, Multiscale Image Phenome Technology, and Phenotypic Formation and Regulation Mechanism.

Regarding the great success of this international symposium, Chinese mainstream media have made relevant reports, such as Shanghai Daily, Xinhua, China Daily, CYOL, ScienceNet, China Education Daily, Wen Wei Po, China Science Daily, Xinmin, Shedunews, Labour Daily, Science and Technology Daily.