Xiangshan Scientific Conference “China’s Precision Medicine Development Strategy” academic seminar held in Xiangshan, Beijing
POSTED BY: Fudan University Human Phenome 2017,12,16

In order to thoroughly discuss the connotation and technology system of precision medicine, the international and domestic situation, and its existing problems ,we brainstormed and gathered constructive suggestions extensively. Meanwhile, we pooled experts’ heads, aiming to reach a professional consensus with the purpose of putting forward a predictively integrated strategy about precise medicine oriented to 2030.

The seminar centered on “Developmental Strategy of China’s Precision Medicine ” held in Beijing from December 14th to 15th, 2017. Experts and scholars from multidiscipline and cross-fields were invited. The conference aimed to discuss deeply in 3 aspects: 1.Focusing on the strategic thinking and developmental research of China’s precision medicine; 2. Summarizing the current status of clinical research in China’s precision medicine rationally; 3. Deep-going discussion about the exploration of developmental policies related to China’s precision medicine and other critical issues.

The executive chairmen of the conference are honorable Academician Han Qide, Academician Jin Li, Academician Zeng Yixin and Academician Zhan Qimin. More than 30 invited experts in the field of precision medicine and representatives from relevant agencies such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Health and Development Commission attended the conference. Important consensus were reached on defining precise medical connotation, establishing China’s precision medicine system, promoting further studies on human phenome research, and some other aspects.