Xiangyang XueProfessor

Professor,Doctoral Supervisor

Email: xyxue@fudan.edu.cn

  Work Experience

Professor Xiangyang XUE received the B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in communication engineering from Xidian University, Xi’an, China, in 1989, 1992 and 1995, respectively. He is currently a professor of computer science with Fudan University. He has published more than 100 journal and conference papers in the area of computer vision. He is an associate editor for IEEE TCDS. He is also an editorial board member of the Journal of Computer Research and Development, and the Journal of Frontiers of Computer Science and Technology.

  Research Interests

Research on computer vision, deep learning and phenotypic recognition of human appearance.


  Selected Publications

1. Yu-Gang Jiang, Zuxuan Wu, Jun Wang,Xiangyang Xue, Shih-Fu Chang: Exploiting Feature and Class Relationships in Video Categorization with Regularized Deep Neural Networks.IEEE Trans.Pattern Anal. Mach. Intell. 40(2): 352-364 (2018)

2. Yu-Gang Jiang, Qi Dai, Wei Liu,Xiangyang Xue, Chong-Wah Ngo: Human Action Recognition in Unconstrained Videos by Explicit Motion Modeling.IEEE Trans. Image Processing 24(11): 3781-3795 (2015)

3. Hong Liu, Hong Lu,Xiangyang Xue: A Segmentation and Graph-Based Video Sequence Matching Method for Video Copy Detection.IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng. 25(8): 1706-1718 (2013)

4. Hong Liu, Hong Lu, Zhaohui Wen,Xiangyang Xue: Gradient Ordinal Signature and Fixed-Point Embedding for Efficient Near-Duplicate Video Detection.IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. Video Techn. 22(4): 555-566 (2012)

5. Ning Zhou, William K. Cheung, Guoping Qiu,Xiangyang Xue: A Hybrid Probabilistic Model for Unified Collaborative and Content-Based Image Tagging.IEEE Trans. Pattern Anal. Mach. Intell. 33(7): 1281-1294 (2011)