Jian DongProfessor



Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University


  Work Experience

1983-1989 Master, Shanghai Medical University China

1992-1996 Ph.D., Shanghai Medical University

1998-2003 Assoc. Professor, Fudan University China

1999-2002 Postdoctoral Fellow, Tissue Engineering center, National Industrial technology research institute, Japan

2002-2003 Assoc. Professor & Master’s Supervisor, Fudan university

2003-2005 Master’s Supervisor & Chief doctor, Fudan university

2005-2014 Professor & Chief doctor & Doctor’s Supervisor & Assoc. Director of Orthopaedics, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan university

2014-Present Professor & Chief doctor & Chairman of Orthopaedics Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University

2018- Present Director of Medical Science Popularization Institute, Fudan university

  Research Interests

Prevention and treatment of spinal tumors, prevention and treatment of spinal degenerative diseases, spinal trauma

Bone induction and reconstruction

Biomaterials related with spinal surgery, including artificial interbody fusion cage, plate and artificial vertebral body

  Selected Publications

1、ZhiChao Hu ,JiaQi Lu , TaiWei Zhang , HaiFeng Liang, Hao Yuan, DiHan Su,Wang Ding , RuiXian Lian , YuXiang Ge , Bing Liang , Jian Dong , XiaoGang Zhou,LiBo Jiang. Piezoresistive MXene/Silk fibroin nanocomposite hydrogel for accelerating bone regeneration by Re-establishing electrical microenvironment. Bioactive Materials .22 (2023) 1–17. (SCI,IF=16.874)

2、Lei Zhou, Haifeng Liang, Yuxiang Ge, Wang Ding, Qing Chen, Taiwei Zhang, Lan Xiao,Yulin Li, Jian Dong,*Xiaowen He, Fengfeng Xue, and Libo Jiang.Precisely Targeted nano-controller of PD-L1 level for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Spinal Metastasis Immunotherapy. Adv Healthc Mater. Jul 29 2022:2200938. (SCI,IF=11.092)

3、Haifeng Liang, Lei Zhou, Zhichao Hu, Yuxiang Ge, Taiwei Zhang, Qing Chen, Ben Wang,Shunyi Lu, Wang Ding, Jian Dong, Fengfeng Xue, Libo Jiang. Siglec15 Checkpoint Blockade for Simultaneous Immunochemotherapy and Osteolysis Inhibition in Lung Adenocarcinoma Spinal Metastasis via a Hollow Nanoplatform.Small.2022:2107787(1-20) .(SCI,IF=13.281) .

4、Zhichao Hu, J. Lu, A. Hu, Y. Dou, S. Wang, D. Su, W. Ding, R. Lian, S. Lu, L. Xiao, Y.-L. Li, Jian  Dong*, J. Zhou*, X. Yang*, Libo Jiang. Engineering BPQDs/PLGA nanospheres-integrated wood hydrogel bionic scaffold for combinatory bone repair and osteolytic tumor therapy, Chemical Engineering Journal. 2022:446:137269. (SCI,IF=13.273) .

5、YuXiang Ge, TaiWei Zhang, Lei Zhou, Wang Ding, HaiFeng Liang, ZhiChao Hu, Qin Chen, Jian Dong, FengFeng Xue, XiaoFan Yin, LiBo Jiang.Enhancement of anti-PD-1/PD-L1 immunotherapy for osteosarcoma using an intelligent autophagy-controlling metal organic framework. Biomaterials.  2022:282.( SCI,IF=12.479) .

6、FangXue Zhang, Peng Liu, Wang Ding, QingBing Meng, DiHan Su, QiChen Zhang, RuiXian Lian, BaoQing Yu, MingDong Zhao , Jian Dong , YuLin Li , LiBo Jiang. Injectable Mussel‐Inspired highly adhesive hydrogel with exosomes for endogenous cell recruitment and cartilage defect regeneration. Biomaterials. Nov 2021:278.( SCI,IF=12.479.

7、Lei Zhou, HongJun Zhuang, Qing Chen, LiPing Jiang, XueMin Han, YuXiang Ge, TaiWei Zhang, HaiFeng Liang, Wang Ding, Ming Qi, Jian Dong, Tao Yi, LiBo Jiang. Precise targeting of osteopontin in non-small cell lung cancer spinal metastasis to promote chemosensitivity via a smart hollow nano-platform, Chemical Engineering Journal. 2021:436. (SCI,IF=13.273) .

8、Wang Zhenqing ,Chen Liang, Ma Yiqun, Li  Xilei, Hu  Annan, Wang  Huiren, Wang  Wenxing, Li  Xiaomin, Tian Bo , Dong Jian . Peptide vaccine-conjugated mesoporous carriers synergize with immunogenic cell death and PD-L1 blockade for amplified immunotherapy of metastatic spinal. JOURNAL OF NANOBIOTECHNOLOGY. AUG 12 2021:19(1):243.( SCI,IF=10.435)

9、Yiqun Ma, Liang Chen*, Xilei Li, Annan Hu, Huiren Wang, Hao Zhou, Bo Tian*, Jian Dong*. Rationally Integrating Peptide-induced Targeting and Multimodal Therapies in a Dual-shell Theranostic Platform for Orthotopic Metastatic Spinal Tumors. BIOMATERIALS. AUG 2021:275. (SCI,IF=12.479).

10、Jiang LB, Ding SL, Ding W, Su DH, Zhang FX, Zhang TW, Yin XF, Xiao L, Li YL, Yuan FL, Dong J. Injectable sericin based nanocomposite hydrogel for multi-modal imaging-guided immunomodulatory bone regeneration. Chemical Engineering Journal. AUG 2021; 418.( SCI,IF=10.652) .

11、Wang KT, Jiang LB, Hu AN, Sun C, Zhou L, Huang YW, Chen Q, Dong J, Zhou XG, Zhang F. Vertebral-specific activation of the CX3CL1/ICAM-1 signaling network mediates non-small-cell lung cancer spinal metastasis by engaging tumor cell-vertebral bone marrow endothelial cell interactions. Theranostics. 2021; 11(10): 4770-4789. (SCI,IF=11.556) .

12、Jiang LB , Su DH, Ding SL, Zhang QC , Li ZF, Chen FC , Ding W ,Zhang ST , Dong J*. Salt-Assisted Toughening of Protein Hydrogel with Controlled Degradation for Bone Regeneration. Advanced Functional Materials,JUN 2019:29(26). (SCI,IF=15.621).